Terms and Conditions

(an introduction)

We thank you for trusting us and welcome you to the Gamers Academy store https://salla.sa/gamersacademy

This store was created by Gamers Academy, registered on the Marouf platform of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment No. (69270).

As a customer and user of our store and services, you are obligated to read the information described in this regulation and to continue to use and purchase from our store, you agree to all of what is stated without any exception.

(User Eligibility)

Buying from our online store is only allowed for those who have a credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or mada debit card (in Saudi Arabia) and have obtained it legally. If you do not personally own one of these cards, you can still shop from the store provided that you obtain the permission and approval of the original owner of the payment method with which you will be paying (such as your parents, when you use their card to process your order purchase). We are not responsible for unauthorized payments if the user of the account in our store has not been authorized by the owner of the card.

(register a new account)

To buy from the store, you must register a new account with your information (name, mobile, email) in order to provide you with a unique experience such as linking your purchases under your own account and providing technical support and guarantees for your purchases after the sale. We apologize for providing our services if the buyer does not have an account with us.

(digital products)

Mostly all digital products can only be activated once, meaning you can't try to activate the code again after your first use of it. This includes the following digital products (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo). In the case of other software products (Windows, Office, Kaspersky, Internet Download Manager), it cannot be activated on more than one device at the same time, otherwise it will be blocked by the service provider and you will not be able to use it again. For more details, please visit the page for each product and read its information.

(prices, offers and discount coupons)

The prices of products may be changed from time to time according to what we see in our best interest for special reasons such as the presence of changes in the price cost by our sources or price competition in the market. Offers and discount coupons are set within specific limits and periods for all users to benefit from, and everyone should read the terms of these offers to avoid violating one of our systems, which may result in your membership being banned from shopping with us. If the user has a discount coupon, he must enter this coupon through the designated box on the shopping cart page, and this must be done before completing the payment process. The matter is considered final when you pay your order and forget to write the coupon, and you can no longer ask for a refund to return the purchase again, and there are no exceptions to this.

(Warranty on products)

All the digital products we sell are original and from reliable sources, but even with that, digital products will not remain effective and guaranteed forever for many reasons, including the fact that they may be used by other people, either because the service provider has been jailed or when an anonymous person tries to write Random numbers to get free activation and that may be your code. Also, the information sent over the Internet will not remain protected forever and may be accessed by some unauthorized persons. We offer the following products (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo) with a warranty that extends to a maximum of 7 days, and during this period the customer can activate the product and make sure that it works correctly without problems. For more information, please Review the products page in particular. In the event that you encounter any problem with your order during the warranty period, contact us immediately and inform us of that.

(Cancel orders)

Sales are final on all digital products as they are delivered after the payment has been successfully completed. We cannot cancel the order after the digital code has been delivered to the customer and there are no exceptions to this unless there is a problem with your code.

(banned membership)

Gamer’s Academy administration has the right to ban the customer’s account and prevent him from buying from our store in case he violates some laws and morals, such as repeating purchases in a not serious manner, frequent cancellation of orders, repeated claims related to warranty, when paying in an unauthorized way, or when he registers more From an account for the purpose of exceeding the limit of discounts, quantities and coupons applicable to user accounts.

(Modification of terms and conditions)

These terms may be updated from time to time to keep pace with the continuous changes in online shopping, and we have the right to do so without prior notice to users. It is the duty and responsibility of the user to review this page and see the date of its last update, which is shown at the top of this page.

(Privacy policy)

Its details can be viewed by visiting the page dedicated to this: Privacy Policy .

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, you can contact us through the numbers and means displayed on the home page of the store.