Privacy policy

On this page you will find all the information related to the privacy policy of Gamers Academy Store.

By using and registering in our store, you agree to our collection of some of your information to improve the quality of service and provide you with an easy and fast online shopping experience. Gamers Academy Store undertakes to keep customer information private and not to share it with others in any way.

(Information We Collect and Record)

User data: the name, email and mobile number you registered with.

Delivery data: Your local address, which is required in the event that you purchase a tangible product that is required to be delivered to you.

Orders: the type of products, their digital information, the number of times they were purchased, and the method by which they were paid.

(Information that is not available to us)

Payment data: All information entered by you is sent in an encrypted manner, and we cannot access your payment information in any way. More details in the next part.

User address and location: We cannot view your city, country or IP address when you use our store.

(Confidentiality and security of the customer's payment data)

We do not register and cannot access any of your payment information when paying with cards (mada, Visa, MasterCard), including your name, card number, password and expiration date. Your entire payment data is processed in an encrypted and secure manner by the payment gateway provider and is outside our control and scope.

(Sharing data with third parties)

Please note that some data about your account such as name, mobile, email and number of orders may be shared in whole or in part to Saudi government agencies only for commercial purposes such as billing and proof of sales and others, and it is not related to marketing in any way. The entities with which some customer information may be shared are: Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Zakat and Income Authority, SAMA and Saudi Banks. When sharing your data with the aforementioned entities, we undertake to delete or encrypt the digital codes of your requests as they are sensitive data.

(Posting the client's name when writing an evaluation)

Please note that after you write an evaluation of the store or product, your evaluation may be published publicly, meaning that your name and evaluation will appear in front of everyone on the product page or on the home page of the store. Only your rating and your name registered in your account are shared.

(Alert about privacy policy)

Please note that this store falls under the scope of the basket company platform, some of our customer information may be accessed by basket management employees and that you may register or follow without our permission and we cannot control that. Also, some of the data that we cannot access may be registered with the administration of the basket platform without our knowledge, because the basket is the main part and the service provider for building this store. The privacy policy mentioned on this page expresses the policy of the First Click Foundation only and is inclusive of the information that we can access within the scope of our store provided by the basket platform. To review the important pages of Basla Company: Usage Agreement - Privacy Policy .

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, you can contact us through the numbers and means displayed on the home page of the store.