Charging a grand money of 500 million PS4-PS5

or 250 so

61.83 USD

※※special offer※※

Gamer's Academy offers Grand V game charging service on PS4-PS5

Terms of Service:

1- Remove double verification from your account

2- You have 200 thousand dollars in Arand (if you don't sell cars or anything)

3- It will be in your account that you will send (Plus)

4- Do not use your account when the charging process begins (when we enter your account)

Receipt of shipment as:

  • Dollars directly to the character's account in the game
  • A joint account between the characters in the game
  • They may come in the form of "Deluxo" cars:

Each car worth 2.8 million "sells 10 cars every day"

Application execution period: - The account is charged within 24 hours from the start of the application

  • When the account is charged, you will be notified.


All services related to the game GTA V are very safe and we have not had any problems with them so far

For technical support and inquiries, click here


  • 61.83 USD
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