Charging 50 million grand money to Sony

On PS4-PS5

26.73 USD

Safe and secure ✅

Gamer's Academy introduces Grand V game charging service on PS4-PS5

Terms of Service:

1- Remove double verification from your account

2- You have 200 thousand dollars in Arand (if you don't sell cars or anything)

3- It will be in your account that you will send (Plus)

4- Do not use your account when the charging process begins (when we enter your account)

Receipt of shipment as:

  • Dollars directly to the character's account in the game
  • A joint account between the characters in the game
  • They may come in the form of "Deluxo" cars:

Each car worth 2.8 million "sells 10 cars every day"

Application execution period: - The account is charged within 24 hours from the start of the order

  • When the account is charged, you will be notified.


All services related to GTA V are very safe and we have not had any problems with them so far

For technical support and inquiries, click here


Sold Out 59 Time وتم تقييمه
  • 26.73 USD
عرض خاص

Don't forget to choose your gift, Jimer!!

ريان بخش 3 weeks ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
صالح الغامدي 4 months ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
Gamers Academy 4 months ago
محمد العنزيي 5 months ago
بالله رجعو العرض الي كان على ذا المنتج
Gamers Academy 5 months ago
رح توفر عروض قريباً إن شاء الله
Adam Z 9 months ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
أطلق متجر ولله🤍🤍
هشام الاحمري 1 year ago
ماجني الشحن
Gamers Academy 1 year ago
جار العمل علي حسابك أخوي أحب اذكر انه تمت الموافقه منك قبل الطلب علي الشرط التالي هل قرأت شروط التركيب ومدة التسليم وأزلت التحقق؟ (نعم، والتسليم يكون عادة خلال يوم (يومين كحد أقصى))

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