FIFA 22 on PS4

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56.70 USD 35.10 USD

(basic account)

As always, the highest quality at the best price

What kind of Sony accounts do you have?!

These Sony accounts are 100% official and regular, and not like the rest of the cracked and stolen accounts that most of those in the market have

What will I take after I pay?

You will immediately receive your 100% account on the store or the American store. You can copy the game from it and play in any account you have without problems as if you were buying the game from the official store

  • You cannot change the account information, but you can enter it at any time.
  • You cannot play from the account on two devices, but it will be on your device for life.

So, about the warranty?!

Warranty on these accounts ((for life)) because they are official, reliable and secure, provided that the account data is not changed

What will I gain from these accounts?!

Instead of taking the game expensive from the store, this is cheaper for you + guaranteed, and it will not depend on you, and it will not go away from you, and there are no problems like cracked accounts. Our services are 100% safe and legal

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  • 56.70 USD 35.10 USD
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